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Welcome back to Redtail University in person!

Redtail University 2023
Your Recipes for Success

Among life’s many pleasures, nothing quite compares to a five-star meal served to you by a world-renowned chef and their well-oiled kitchen. The best chefs in the world, and the best kitchens in the world, are successful because they have spent time perfecting their recipes and their processes, and they know the techniques to use so those dishes come out perfect, every time they’re ordered!

In that same way, financial professionals are always looking for ways to perfect their own recipes in their office, especially when it comes to maintaining deep, meaningful relationships that their clients find as satisfying as a filet mignon taco or a perfectly baked soufflé. They use the best tools at their disposal, like Redtail CRM, and pair it with processes that are continuously being tweaked to perfection, just like your great grandmother’s secret spaghetti sauce recipe. As with the best cooking shows on TV, Redtail is here to help financial professionals develop and implement the best technology and strategies to serve their clients.

Through a variety of Redtail University events, we provide a fun, energetic learning environment to meet the needs and diverse goals of each office. We’re here to put you in the best position to develop that perfect recipe for success for your staff so they can serve up a delicious, piping-hot client experience consistently.

Learning the ins and outs of your CRM is one of the most valuable investments of time an office can make. Our various Redtail University events give you the chance to learn the best ways to use one of the most essential tools in your office using case studies, real-world application, fun activities, and face time with Redtail Trainers and Staff. There are two educational tracks to choose from:

Implementation is all about focusing on the tools you have at your disposal in the CRM and how to use them.

Strategy focuses on high-level approaches to concepts and common situations faced by financial advisors.

You’ll get a Redtail University workbook to take home, a 2023 Redtail University t-shirt, as well as the opportunity to win some other Redtail swag during your classes. We also provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and the all-important cup of coffee!

Looking forward to seeing you in person in 2023!

Implementation Agenda
Strategy Agenda

Back for its fifth year, RTU XL takes one of the most popular feedback items from regular Redtail Universities and gives the people what they want: a two-day educational training featuring a steadier pace, additional examples, and more best practices.

For RTU XL, we cover the same topics covered at Redtail University, but we work with the additional time to further build on concepts as well as provide additional applications, examples, and best practices.

XL Strategy Agenda
XL Implementation Agenda

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Please email us if you have any questions about RTU. For upcoming webinars, check our schedule here. For other recorded webinars, videos and training sessions, check our Helpdesk here.

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Liability Acknowledgement

An inherent risk of exposure to illnesses exists in any public space where people are present. By attending any Redtail University event, you expressly agree to comply with any and all rules and safety guidelines put in place by the event organizers, and voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to illnesses, waiving all claims and potential claims against the event organizers, and their affiliated companies relating to such risks.

Having two presenters really kept things moving and kept the energy flowing. Great content.The RT team going through the room to answer individual questions was great!

Cheryl, RTU Atlanta Attendee

Presenters brought good energy and humor for the most part. Not a dry lecture at all. Good job!

Jason, RTU Kansas City Attendee

Great content. Love the booklet and step by step guide. Enjoyed meeting the Redtail team and getting to ask questions.

RTU Atlanta Attendee

I have been using RT for 4 years and I still left with a feeling that RT can do so much more for our firm! Loved the presenters. Great energy and knowledge.

RTU Chicago Attendee

RTU 2023 - Dallas

Dallas, TX (XL)

October 17th & 18th

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