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Customer Spotlight

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Heron Wealth

Heron Wealth is a New York City-based wealth advisory practice that grew assets from $75 million in 2012 to $375 by early 2019 and grew its client base from 60 families to 175 in the same time frame. David Edwards, President, says “Our assets were growing 30% a year. Our work had shifted from just investment advice to full-service wealth management, which, in addition to investment advice, includes financial planning, tax and estate planning and “behavioral coaching”.

The day I realized I had eight full pages of to-do items, but no control and no visibility into my team members’ work, was the day I realized we had to get a top-notch Client Relationship Management (CRM) program. We did a four-month detailed review of all available options. We chose Redtail CRM and Redtail Email during our search for the right platform, because the user design is streamlined, minimalistic and intuitive. Adopting Redtail enabled us to maintain break-neck growth and provide better service for our clients, all while holding the line on adding support and operations personnel.”

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